Thursday, April 8, 2010

Indian Music Therapy for Pets

Sometimes, you just have to buy a CD based on the cover alone.

 The liner notes are a treat, too.  Actually the first track on the disk is just a recording of the good doctor reading this. Priceless.


  1. can i just say how racist this is because it says it's for pets but it's clear that the bulk of the promotion is directed towards cow pets, fish pets and cat pets. also, what about animals like snakes which don't have external ears? are you saying they can't be healed? aren't snakes just like you and me except they are snakes?

    is this animal racism?

  2. whoa, you sound like you need some happy healing.

    they must be treating you lousy in racism jail, eh?

    have i ever told you the very sad and slightly disgusting story about my brother's pet snake named sandra (after bullock)?


  3. racism jail is tough. also, they tried to make me go to racism rehab but i said no no no

    i am intrigued to hear about sandra the snake. i am also intrigued to hear about what goes through a guy's head when he looks at his pet snake and says hmmm, i think i'll name you after sandra bullock.

  4. ok but i will tell you the sandra the snake story some other place and time because it is a little sad for this public forum. also it's kinda long. i will say this: it involves a Honda Citi, a very hot day, and "Black Love" incense.

    I don't know what was going through my brother's head exactly. Sandra was an Albino corn snake and when she was small, she would do this trick where she would put her head in a pen cap and slither around like that.

  5. amazing! would really love to listen to this.
    i love actual music made for animals -- like that cellist who made scratchy peculiar music based on tamarin monkey's calls.
    AND i once came across a reiki healer who specialised in "plants, pets, and old people". he volunteered to "heal" a borrowed pet, with comic (graphic-comic) disastrous consequences..

  6. Hi Shruti, thanks for reading... Actually the CD is kind of surprisingly normal, listenable Hindustani classical music.

    I found some news articles about the monkey cellist guy (David Teie) but I couldn't find any music... have a link?