Monday, March 15, 2010

Kumari Loves a Monster: Sneak Preview

Here goes: A sneak preview of two of Shyam's illustrations from Kumari Loves a Monster (a romantic picutre book featuring beautiful South Indian girls with boyfriends who are horrible gruesome monsters. Concept and text by Rashmi Ruth Devadasan. Releasing next month.)

[Update: The book is now here!  Click here to buy!]

Cool no? We are excited.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back in the World of the Living: Tamil Pulp Fiction Vol. 2

by Rakesh

So, yeah, we were a little ambitious when we started this blog thing, claiming that we'd have "weekly invertebrates" and all.  It's now been 7 weeks since the last post and 10 since the last invertebrate. And we still don't have another invertebrate ready.  I suppose we will rechristen them "Quarterly Invertebrates" or "Trimesterly Invertebrates" according to when we get back into it.

Been busy. Had a good trip to Delhi for the World Book Fair, where the Daylight Robbery launch went off well, and to Bombay for Kala Ghoda, where we did a couple of other events. In the process we managed to get India's crime fiction king Surender Mohan Pathak a flurry of English-language press writeups: see here and here and here and here. There were a couple of Hindi newspaper writeups as well but I'm not sure if they're online.

Also been hard at work finishing up The Blaft Anthology Tamil Pulp Fiction Vol. 2, which will go to print this week and should be on bookshelves in India in April.  Here's the cover (thanks to Shyam and Malavika.PC.):

Final table of contents:

The Palace of Kottaipuram by Indra Soundar Rajan
Highway 117 by Pushpa Thangadorai and Jeyaraj
Hold on a Minute, I'm in the Middle of a Murder by Indumathi
The Hidden Hoard in the Cryptic Chamber by Medhavi
The Bungalow by the River by M. K. Narayanan
Hello, Dead Morning by Rajesh Kumar
Sacrilege to Love by Resakee

We've got another book due out in April too... Kumari Loves a Monster by Rashmi Ruth Devadasan and Shyam. Sneak preview coming in the next post.