Monday, December 28, 2009

Hindi Pulp Art

Here are a few more samples of the 4000+ Hindi pulp novel covers by Mustajab Ahmed Siddiqui a.k.a. Shelle, the master painter of Amroha, U.P.  These didn't make it into our postcard book of his work, Heroes, Gundas, Vamps & Good Girls, but don't let that stop you from buying it.

There are so many damn guns, you know?  (Acutally Blaft has put a lot of guns on the covers of our own books too, and sometimes I feel guilty about it.  Dear customers: Promise you're not going to get all inspired to start stockpiling firearms and become all trigger-happy like a bunch of psycho American National Rifle Association members. OK? Please?)

This guy's blog has some nice examples of older covers, including some that appear to be Shelle's work.  And there are a bunch more in the nice online collection here.

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