Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kumari Loves a Monster / குமாரியின் ராட்சச காதலன் is here!

After many delays, Kumari Loves a Monster / குமாரியின் ராட்சச காதலன் has finally arrived from the printers in all its hot-pink-and-gold-foil beauty.

Check out some of the sample art from earlier postsOrder the book online now or look for it in bookstores later this month! Tell your friends about it! Also, admire this awesome picture of the author and illustrator in front of a huge fearsome Jurassic reptile!

Shyam and Rashmi



  1. Oustanding poetic work by Rashmi and fabulous drawings by Shyam. Thanks for sending me an early copy! Kumari loves her monsters through rain, shine, snow, and toil. Love the book, love the pic above, and keep up the great work!

  2. if u are not too particular about avoiding வடமொழி letters (derived from Sanskrit), then it should be ராட்சஸ... or ராக்‌ஷஸ..

    i prefer ராட்சஸ.. because it preserves the tamil way of saying a sanskrit derived word...

    and also allowing for sanskrit based letters in Tamil is the right thing to do... considering that Tamil absolutely needs to become less rigid...

    i know i am too late in the publishing life cycle to effect a change... my only excuse being that i got to know about this only now!


  3. Hi Swami... thanks for sharing... we went around in circles with this with everyone having a different opinion and finally went with Crea dictionary spelling. An unbelievable amount politics involved with spelling one simple word! No wonder everybody's ditching for English medium school!

  4. hey rashmi look at the dino and urself ...same neck posture!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no? c c

  5. the 2 'cha's i noticed only today...actually it's an ancient language and no contemporary school can claim grammatically correct attitudes with it. and sanskrit is dead as a spoken language. but it is so good, the sounds of ha ksha sssa etc. which do have tamil letters, 'lipi'....when the current census can't cast away caste why avoid in the name of correctness???

  6. Ya your post is very nice. Love is affection and truly Anbu. hey rashmi your pair is beautiful.