Friday, July 15, 2011

New Kuzhali Manickavel story

Blaft Publications is proud to announce the release of 
a new short story 

Eating Sugar, Telling Lies

by Kuzhali Manickavel

Now available as an eChapbook
(a very short eBook)

"Eating Sugar, Telling Lies" starts like this:
The Thieving WhoreQueen was missing. Grey, runny bubbles leaked from a lump of wet clothes she had left on the washing stone. Her broom was propped under the stairs, handle down, the grass tip curled to an almost perfect circle.

To read the rest of this really good, powerful, hard-hitting story:
  • You can buy it here for $0.99 (about Rs. 45) and download in any of the following formats: EPUB, Sony reader (LRF), Kindle (MOBI), PDB, PDB, or RTF. (Should work with any credit or debit cards, including Indian ones.)
  • Or buy it here from the NOOK store (US or UK cards only.)
  • Or buy it here if you have a have a Kindle.
The eBook version of Kuzhali's 2008 collection, Insects Are Just Like You and Me Except Some of Them Have Wings, is also now available from Amazon, the NOOK store, and for US $4.99.

Also, in case you're not following it yet, there is lots more of Kuzhali's wonderful writing available at her blog:


If you have any trouble buying or downloading, please contact us at blaft [at] blaft [dot] com for assistance.


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