Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Coming Soon: The Obliterary Journal

We've been delaying the announcement because we weren't sure it would be ready. But now it's confirmed: The Obliterary Journal, a book-length collection of short comics, street art, typography, and assorted other wacky strange visuals by many extremely talented contributors will be released at Delhi Comic Convention, Feb 17-19 (exact date of event to be announced.) We will most likely also be having a gathering to celebrate the launch at a Delhi bookstore on Monday, Feb 20th.

That's Kolai Kathirikkai there on the cover, a psychopathic killer brinjal who is a character in one of the stories in the book. We would like also to draw your attention to the fact that the title of The Obliterary Journal has been actually painted on a wall by virtuoso sign painter S. Venkataraman.  This is what it looked like when he first did it:

(Note: Straatkunst means "street art" in Dutch.  चित्र कथा means "picture stories" in Hindi. Tipografia means "typography" in Spanish, though technically it's supposed to have an accent over the second i. And ஓவியக்கலை means "painting" in Tamil.)

This is what the wall looked like shortly afterwards, with an auto parked in front of it:

This is what it looks like now.

As you'll notice, it's been totally obliterated.

Watch this space for further announcements about the book and the launch!


  1. I love this post. It gives me high hopes for the book. :)

  2. Excellent! Will look forward to this.

  3. @sharanyamanivanan The post loves you right back. We hope your hopes are met and exceeded.

    @sudarshan Kind thanks for your support sir!

  4. Fantastic! We need more anthologies!

  5. Hopefully the book will be on sale, at the bookstores and online shopping sites. Should get one when its available.

  6. @bottleHeD Yes we do!
    @Rafiq Raja Hopefully. We will update this blog when things go on sale on Flipkart etc.