Sunday, June 3, 2012

Independent Bookstores!

Over the last few years, anyone interested in reading, writing, and/or publishing will have heard people making statements like "the book industry is in the middle of major changes."  It's true.  One of the major changes has been the advent of the eBook. And while some people really hate eBooks or are sad about them or frightened of them, Kuzhali Manickavel thinks you should stop whining yougaiz.

If you have accepted the eBook into your life, you may be interested to know that Blaft has some for sale, with more slated for release soon. On the other hand, if you are still one of those people who gets high on newbooksmell, we would like to encourage you to buy books from an independent bookstore.  Indie bookstores need and deserve your support because they are usually stocked by good, kind people who actually care about good writing and good books and good art, instead of by retail software customized for the optimization of B2B verticals via dynamical supply chain modeling based on the resynergization of the robustness of maximally profitable logistical fuckery.

We have made a little map of independent bookstores (and some indie variety stores which have a few bookshelves) around the country. All of these stores, as per the latest information at the time of posting, have Blaft's full catalog in stock, in addition to books by other great indie publishers and many other things you probably want to own.  So go forth and spend your money.

View Support Independent Bookstores! in a larger map

Note: if you have an indie bookshop and you would like to be on this map -- what are you waiting for? Place an order from us already! 

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  1. dcube is opposite KBR park, next to Movenpick/Subway, where mazuri sana used to be.