Saturday, April 3, 2010

Erin Hunter Doesn't Exist!!!! by Shraddha

Guest blogger Shraddha delves into the world of warrior felines...

Erin Hunter Doesn't Exist!!!
by Shraddha

Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry and Victoria Holmes, all of whom are experienced children’s book writers, get the real credit for writing the ‘Warriors’. Victoria comes up with the story idea and Cherith and Kate take turns in writing them. They all live in the UK and have come up with the single name Erin Hunter to avoid confusing their readers.

For generations, cats have been living in the forest together in four clans: Thunderclan, Windclan, Riverclan and Shadowclan. These cats live according to the warrior code of life set down to them by their warrior ancestors. The kits that are born in each clan are kept in the nursery. Then once they are six moons old they become apprentices. The apprentices are mentored and as they become bigger and better warriors they are given their warrior name. The cats can also choose to become a medicine cat which means that they would have to look after a sick or injured cat. They would also be talking to starclan (their warrior ancestors) and taking messages and advice from them if they were a medicine cat. Each clan has a leader and the leader chooses a deputy to succeed him or her.

The Warrior series begin with a kittypet (house cat) called Rusty. Rusty has always been fascinated by the forest and one night he is discovered in the forest by some clan cats. He is accepted into Thunderclan. Rusty easily adjusts to the warrior way of life. Then, the warrior code is threatened and this ordinary house cat may be the one to save them all. This book is followed by five more, all of in which Rusty—now called Fireheart—is the main character.

Then there is the next set of the Warrior series which are called, Warriors: The New Prophecy. Here Erin Hunter introduces the next generation of cats. She then sends one cat from each clan on a journey that is guided by their warriors. After the chosen cats complete their journey and come back they find the other cats weak and starved.Then all the clans have to come together to go find themselves a new home.

The next set of six is called Warriors: The Power of Three. This set of books is about three young cats who learn that there is a prophecy about them that could make them the most powerful cats that have ever existed. As they grow into young warriors they unravel secrets about themselves and the clan beyond their imagination.

There are Warrior super editions which are not part of of any of the sets. Then there are Warrior mangas too. If you would like to learn more about the codes and the ways of the clan there are Warrior field guides to help you.



  1. erin hunter does exist. so u r wrong

  2. OK, maybe she does, but from what we understand, she doesn't write the Warriors books.

    Colorguardchick9: is your real name, by any chance, Erin Hunter? I am quite sure Shraddha didn't mean to deny your existence. We apologize for any existential angst that may have inadvertently been caused.

  3. @usatan: Shraddha points you here Click the "Meet Erin Hunter" link.