Friday, April 2, 2010

Lord Edgware Dies: Book Review by Shruti

Back in December, we asked our neighbours -- the very awesome 12-year-old bookworm twins, Shruti and Shraddha -- to write book reviews on their latest favorite reads.  They responded right away and we have been inexcusably slow about posting their writeups. Without further ado, here's Shruti's piece on Agatha Christie's Lord Edgware Dies. Shraddha's writeup on the Warrior series will follow tomorrow.  -RK

Lord Edgware Dies

book review by Shruti

Lord Edgware Dies is written by Agatha Christie. Around the world, Agatha Christie is known as the ‘Queen of Crime’. She has written many books on murder mysteries. Lord Edgware Dies is a book full of mystery, murder, and suspense.

Lord Edgware Dies is about a lady who seeks a divorce with her husband. Her husband refuses over and over again until the lady says out loud that if she had the chance she would kill him. She asks the Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, to discuss the matter with her husband, Lord Edgware. Hercule Poirot agrees to do so. When he meets Lord Edgware to everybody’s surprise Lord Edgware says that he has already agreed to the divorce in a letter about six months ago. Poirot tells Lady Edgware (Jane Wilkinson) and she too is surprised about the letter but is very happy.

A couple of days later Lord Edgware is found murdered. Poirot starts working on the case. The first suspect is of course Lady Edgware, as many people heard her say she wanted to kill her husband so that she could really be free of him. But things get even more confusing when another murder occurs. Clues found show that the victim, Carlotta Adams, probably murdered Lord Edgware, but probably is not good enough for Poirot. He continues to look for clues and suspects. 

All the clues, the murdered body, the place where the murder takes place, it is all given in such detail that you can see it like in a movie.

All through the book Poirot gathers information and facts and puts all the bits and pieces together and discovers the murderer. Even though we are also given the same facts and information as Poirot we have not been able to solve the murder. I recommend this book to people who like mystery and murder. Lord Edgware Dies is a book worth reading.


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