Thursday, December 12, 2013

Book Launch at the Fish Market

From what we hear, most people are getting a little tired of the typical book launch event -- the one where you go to a swanky hotel or cafe or art gallery, sit politely for a couple of hours watching two people in chairs exchange moderately witty banter, and then drink some tea.

So, just to switch things up a little, on Saturday, January 4th, 2014, at 11 A.M., we'll be launching The Obliterary Journal, Vol. 2: Non-Veg at Nochikuppam Fish Market, which is right next to the Marina Beach Lighthouse in Chennai.  We'll be setting up next to the stall of the lovely and gracious Ms. Kadamma Ilavarasi, who has a starring role in "Nochikuppam Fisherwomen Comics", a photocomic interview by Ratzzz and X. Kumar that's included in the book.

Here's Ilavarasi looking fearsome, standing in a blood-coloured ocean:


Exciting one-time-only offer: With each purchase of a Blaft book at the event, you get a coupon for Rs. 100 off on seafood from partipating stalls! There will also be free coffee, tea, and elaneer. You can get your book signed by Ilavarasi and her co-star Kala (pictured below), as well as several other artists who have contributed to the journal.

Look forward to meeting you all at Nochikuppam on the morning of January 4th.


  1. Oooof, so very cool , but y u so far awayyyyy...

  2. so dystence.. much far.. very fish.. such litreary!

  3. Breswana has fish market? Should we come up & do a launch there you think? :D