Thursday, December 5, 2013

Coming Soon: Stupid Guy Goes BACK to India

Blaft has been in hibernation for a while. We haven't had a book out in over a year, and haven't posted here in almost that long either. I'm not even sure if people still read blogs anymore. We should probably move over to Tumblr or something, that seems to be where all the cool people hang out.

In the meantime, though, we're excited to announce the imminent release of Stupid Guy Goes BACK to India by Yukichi Yamamatsu.

It's the sequel to his first autobiographical manga, which was published in Japanese in 2008, and which we published here in India in an English translation by Kumar Sivasubramanian as Stupid Guy Goes to India in 2011.

In the new book, Yukichi returns to India, more determined than ever to succeed in his crackpot business schemes. He recounts his adventures trying to run an udon noodle cart business in a Delhi slum, while performing Hindi standup comedy routines in public parks on the side. He also follows some drug dealers around, travels to Purvanchal, and muses on Indian bathroom habits.

Included as a bonus at the end is an English translation of Yukichi's wonderful 24-page original Hindi fiction manga, Cycle Rickshaw-wale ki Dukaan.

Unfortunately, we can't bring Yukichi down to India again, but the first copies of the book will be available at the Westland/Tranquebar stall at the Mumbai Film & Comic Convention, Dec. 20-21, and it will be available in stores soon afterward. You can also pre-order a copy from our website.

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