Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Things We Found During the Autopsy

Guess what yougaiz!!11!!1!!

We're super thrilled to announce that Kuzhali Manickavel's new short story collection will be released in early February.

Here's the cover (by Prabha Mallya):

There are 52 short, short-short, & short-short-short stories inside. Some of them have appeared online, some of them in phoren journals, but many are brand-new-never-seen-before. The stories cover a wide variety of topics; a few of them are enumerated on the back cover.

Prepare to have your bones sawed through and your intestines cut open with an enterotome*. Good times are on their way.

*Enterotome: the scissor-like implement pictured at the top of the front cover. Used to cut through intestines of dead people. We just learned this word and it is fun to say.


  1. Woo Hoo..Yipee! Now if only Ms.Kuzhali could also resume blogging... Ok bai

  2. Hi Aparna! Yes, we wish that would happen too :-)